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The AIDA Formula

By Kevin Needham

I recently came across the AIDA formula. It is a fantastic little tool for helping you write those killer classified ads and sales letters we all need so badly.

Did you know that you can make your ads pull a 100% greater response just by changing your headline? Well that is why AIDA is so important.

Run the AIDA formula against all your sales literature and you will soon be creating winning ad copy.

A = Attention: Make sure your headline catches your readers' attention. It must excite them just by seeing it. Make sure your headline either reveals or conceals a common interest. Consider a concern that a large percentage of your target market has and use that as the theme of your headline. Here are a few you can use:


These headlines catch attention. Think of some that will catch the attention of your target audience.

I = Interest: Interest is created by giving your potential customer multiple benefits that will enhance their life. Remember, customers buy on benefits not on features.

D = Desire: You can build desire by making your offer irresistible. Include heaps of free bonuses (they can keep even if they return your product) Include an iron clad, no risk guarantee. Also it is important to build urgency into every offer. For example: "Order now in the next 72 hours and you will get this free bonus."

A = Action. Last but most important, your sales piece must have a call to action. You must ask your customer to buy. If you have captured their attention, over-whelmed them with benefits and created an undeniable desire through free bonuses and the guarantee, you must ask them to buy. You also must make it so easy for them to buy (as many payment methods as possible) that they will feel left out or disappointed if they don't.

Short and sweet. Run the AIDA formula against every piece of sales literature you are currently using and against every piece you create. It takes time in the beginning but as this concept becomes ingrained, you will find yourself writing better and better ad copy.

Kevin Needham
Publisher of Active Internet Marketing.
Business Intelligence for Successful On-line Marketers
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